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Educational Programs

Developmentally appropriate,

Pre-school through college level programs:

Music appreciation, percussion, chorus, jazz and string ensembles


Performance Programs

High audience participation activities:

 clinics, concerts, drum circles, parties, workshops, music summer camps

Land of Dreams CD#1990
Tradition CD#1992
Epic Mind CD#1997
New Star CD#1985
The Man The Music The Message DVD#1993
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The Musician #P1
Music Is A Conversation #P2
Music: Immerse Yourself #P3
Be Peace #P4
Epic Mind #P5
Create #P6
Mr. Cool CD -The Present live at The Iron Horse DVD
Language of the Bass
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Greetings Friends,


Please take a few minutes and review the content on HOME - MIRROR IMAGE MUSICAL INTENSIVES - MY MUSIC - and PRESS KIT Pages. Once you have done that, you will have a good idea of my style of Performance and Teaching.


I have 50 Years of experience as a Professional Musician and over 20 years in Music Education.

If you are a Professional Musician, College Student, Senior Citizen, Music School Teacher or University Professor and you're interested in Learning how to improve in the areas of your playing that exposes your  weaknesses, then you've come to the right place.





Music is a Conversation and it is very important to speak clearly and with great intention. To quote Prince, "There's joy in repetition." Repetition is one of the key elements that musicians need to perform to easily execute what they are playing. But more importantly, a musician must understand that in one's lifetime, and depending on how serious you are as a musician, Music will be 70% listening and 30% playing. Practice does make perfect, so be careful what you practice. To sum up -using composers scores and my original improvised scores- how these Master Sessions can help you, I really like what Bassist Christian McBride said, "Composing is slow Improvisation and Improvisation is fast Composing." The better you understand the language of music, the better you will be able to speak it.





My primary instruments are Drums, Djembe and Congas, Electric Bass and Piano. Because I have studied each of these instruments in depth, the knowledge gained helps me to understand what Vocalists, String players and Horn players need to do to become better performers and improvisors. Though, sight reading is not my strongest skill, I do read music and can break down complex music math and teach it. Some have called me the "Music Doctor" because I can listen to a player, identify their weaknesses and then prescribe the best remedy to turn the weaknesses into strengths. This is something I've been doing for myself since I was 10 years old.





In my opinion, the instruments don't make the music, they just amplify how we are feeling. So in that sense, that's why I can help pretty much any player or vocalist because music is all related. For example, I like to have my Bass students read Flute music and my Drummers read and orchestrate Charlie Parker Horn licks on the kit, have Vocalists sing Basslines and so on and so on...the possibilities are endless.


My two new Books "Freedom To Create" and " INSPIRATION" are based on using all the processes I have mentioned above. In the books, I composed mostly short exercises, with some longer complex ones, and embellished on licks written by other composers to challenge the musician to get out of their head and into another thought process. I don't believe it's truly necessary to learn; for instance, John Coltrane's entire "Giant Steps" solo to expand your knowledge; but by taking a piece of his solo and playing it in all 12 keys, adding your own flavor to it, then analyzing how it can fit over various chord progressions of actual songs is a very good practice...but learning his entire solo is not at all a bad thing. You can decide! 





Same day booking is welcome! Call 413.427.6995, Monday through Friday between the hours of  10:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.


Adult Beginners: 30 minute Session-- $10.00, 60 minute Session-- $25.00.


Pro Sessions: 30 minute Session-- $15.00, 60 minute Session-- $45.00.


To book a weekend Session, CALL FRIDAY 413.427.6995  and schedule Saturday or Sunday between the hours of 12:00 p.m. & 4 p.m.


Scheduled Sessions Subject To Change Based on my Performance Schedule.