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Educational Programs

Developmentally appropriate,

Pre-school through college level programs:

Music appreciation, percussion, chorus, jazz and string ensembles


Performance Programs

High audience participation activities:

 clinics, concerts, drum circles, parties, workshops, music summer camps

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Mirror Image Musical Intensives(MIMI)

for the Mind/Body and Musical Growth


Welcome to my New Program: MIMI!


Since the age of 9, I have studied, traveled and played with some Really Good Musicians. Some of them you probably know and some you probably have never heard of, but that's what is so rewarding about seeking get to enjoy every minute of it and literally every Artist you meet becomes in some special way your teacher or mentor, regardless of name recognition or genre. Now that I've entered the age of 60, it's my passion and goal to pass on the tradition of sharing my musical knowledge to fellow working professional musicians and college students that are looking to supplement their studies with a seasoned player, while also wanting to be a mentor to beginner to advanced adult/senior citizen musicians, as well as, to Music teachers that are looking to improve their skills for themselves and to share with their students. I, also, have 50 years of professional public performance and 22 years of Music Education experience in the US and abroad and wish to extend my knowledge to others who are interested in receiving it.


"Each one teach one," as an African-American proverb says.



* Before we dive into the Program take a few minutes to review my Bio, Videos, Press and

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* Mirror Image Musical Intensives Program:

  What is it? How does it work?


We begin our journey with an Orientation Session, creating your Detailed Plan and Goal!

We will meet for dinner at my place to get aquainted, (or if you prefer by phone), discuss and write down a Detailed Plan that addresses your musical goals and noting weaknesses. Things to address could be about improving technique, reading, touch, learning to improvise, learning how to make good use of practice time,etc.



* MIMI Program Day One: (12 Hour SESSION)


We will begin work at 6 a.m. (or time chosen based on the client's schedule and comfort level) and for the next 12 hours, (breaks every 3 hours or when needed) you will mirror me as I put our Detailed Plan into Action!


!2 Hour Session Fee: $120



* MIMI Program  Day One: (24 Hour SESSION)


We begin our journey with an Orientation Session, creating your Detailed Plan and Goal.

Work begins at 6 a.m. (or a time chosen based on the client's schedule and comfort level) and for the next 12 hours, (breaks every 3 hours or when needed) you will mirror me as I put our Detailed Plan into Action!


24 Hour Session Fee: $180





* MIMI Program Day Two: (Part II of the 24 Hour SESSION)


Work begins at 6 a.m. (or a time chosen based on the client's schedule and comfort level) and for the next 12 hours, you will mirror me as I put our Detailed Plan into Action!


* Requirements and qualifications:


Must be 18 + years of age. Inviting Pro Musicians, College Students,Vocalists,Instrumentalists,Public School and University Music Teachers and Professors.

Room and Board provided. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided (note any dietary needs or restrictions). Filming, recording and posting to Social Media is encouraged, but by permission only. Studio space is provided for Loud Drum Sessions! 



                              - JO SALLINS FOUR DAY PRACTICE ROUTINE -


I've had this daily practice routine for 50 years. But I'm not a robot, so overtime, I reevaluate, keep what I like and change or modify what's not working for me. That's very important to remember!



Between 2 - 4 a.m.: I automatically wake up, do cleansing breaths,Yoga, drink room temperature Apple Cider vinegar and water, warm up the body for my combination Run/Walk/Jog,do full breathing exercises consisting of 100 Deep Conscious breaths - 5 separate techniques - 20 repetitions of each, Piano Technical Practice with a focus on breathing/relaxing while doing many repetitions of  weaknesses,then...


Electric Bass - Same Technical Music Practice as above...


Before my second sleep I shower, listen to music or an audio book...

I wake around 9 or 10 a.m., have a light breakfast and for the next 8-9 hours I focus on warm up,strength training exercises for fingers, arms, legs, address musical weaknesses, practice tunes for gig and personal interest, practice chord voicings, etc. I take breaks every 3-4 hours.


This routine is done Tuesday - Friday.

Monday is dedicated to Business and weekends are dedicated to Fun!


I look forward to working with you--  bringing to the surface the skills you already possess, assist you in addressing your weaknesses and moving to that next level of Musicianship!


Contact: 413.427.6995 -