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Musician - Educator – Clinician - Entertainer

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After I finished listening to my CD WAR OR PEACE it was so intense I felt like it needed an introduction to prepare the listener for what’s coming. VISIONS, by one of my all time favorite Artists, Mr. Stevie Wonder! I felt lyrically it said so much about ourselves and how we shape the world I had to take a stab at an arrangement and add it to this project.

COMPASSION, came to me one day while watching T.V. and with my Piccolo Bass in hand I started playing some chords and the progression was so pretty I decided “Another Tune.”
DOVES CRY, after hearing about the Death of Prince I decided to honor him with one of my favorites. Instead of a lavish production I decided just the Piano and let People sing along as they reminisce about this incredible Artist. Being an improviser I did add some twists and turns in a way that I thought would please the “Purple One.”

WAR OR PEACE, I like the idea of a title track but in the 4 years it took to complete the CD nothing came to me until the summer of 2017! The inspiration for this song came after the break - up of a 7 year Relationship. After listening I knew it would be perfect for my title track and it marked the final piece of music for this Project. 


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  1. Visions                             (Stevie Wonder)      8:20
  2. Compassion                    (Jo Sallins)               4:27
  3. When Doves Cry             (Prince)                    6:21
  4. WAR OR PEACE            (Jo Sallins)               7:15




      Kimyon Zari – Lead Vocals,   Darryl Carter & Jeremy Wilson- Backing Vocals

      Doug Jones- Saxophone,   Bob ‘Papa C” Casinghino – Strings & Organ

      Chris Eriquezzo – Guitar,   Joel Turcotte – Drums




      Doug Jones – Saxophone,   Bob “Papa C” Casinghino – Keyboards, Drum                      Programming,    Jo Sallins – Piccolo Bass


When Doves Cry


      Jo Sallins – Acoustic Piano




      John Cantalini – Guitar,   Taariq Woods – Drums,   Jo Sallins – All Instruments


Preproduction tracks recorded by Bob “Papa C” Casinghino at FRESH MUSIC

Mixed  by  Warren Amerman  and Jo Sallins,   Kimyon Zari’s Vocals recorded by  JP at Sonic Imagery Studios in Waxhaw,NC.,  Recorded and Mastered by Warren Amerman at Rotary Records.


Produced, Written and Arranged by Jo Sallins

C + P 2018 La’ Jaz Productions