Songs of Change
~Positive change, through music~
~Orchestra and Band~
~Vocal and Chorus ~








This program was inspired by the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East but not limited to that part of the world or this time in our lives. 



“You see I have been exposed to violence since the age of nine (see Jo’s Story).  I remember seeing violent acts on television, in magazines, in school, my neighborhood and in my own home. “  

-   Jo Sallins


The title Songs of Change Volume 1 Composition 1 “Thou Shalt Not Kill?” was chosen because it was the first Songs of Change program I did. Any topic of social justice can become a Songs of Change composition. From issues such as bullying to domestic violence, my goal is to inspire students, artists and teachers to create an artistic expression about change. Another goal is to get students and faculty talking about violence in all its various forms and to understand that with communication we start to understand each other, and understanding brings hope for positive change.  Songs of Change is not just a program title; it is a duty as an artist to bring Songs of Change to life as social activism!


The title “Thou Shalt Not Kill?” is also not meant to promote any particular religion but to examine hypocrisy. Since the dawn of man, religion has been irresponsibly used to condone acts of violence around the world. 



Some notes on “Thou Shalt Not Kill?” Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4  


Part 1 – Represents calm, peace, tranquility, people going about their day doing what they need to do to provide for their families. 


Part 2 – After the melody (in a major key) is played we move to a minor key. The keyboard solo, the intense 6/8 rhythm and sound effects represent the military preparing for combat.  As the drum solo begins the entire orchestra plays a very haunting unison line over it.  My intention was to create a picture that lets you know, war has begun. 


Part 3 – The introduction of flute, percussion and voice indicates where this conflict might be taking place. 


Part 4 – The snare drum and the keyboards are now performing in unison, a very militaristic drum cadence with some very intense sound effects to symbolize total confusion.  





Songs of Change is designed for arts & music collectives, music camps, high schools and colleges with jazz programs. Full score and individual parts will be sent to music directors in advance of scheduled program. This is a workshop focused program with concert options.








# of Artists # of Workshop # of Performances Price ($)
Jo Solo 1 (45-60 min)

1 (45- 60 min) rehearsal

1 (60 min) concert

Jo Duo 1 (45-60 min)

1 (45- 60 min) rehearsal

1 (60 min) concert

Jo Trio 1 (45-60 min)

1 (45- 60 min) rehearsal

1 (60 min) concert




* Program Components, lengths, and fees are negotiable to fit the needs of the school group or program. *

Contact Jo Sallins for more in depth information! (413) 262-2950