The Freedom 2 Create Program
~Exploring Improvisational Concepts ~
~Orchestra and Band~
~Music Creation~

GIANT STEPS written by John Coltrane and arranged by Jo Sallins,  featuring 2 Man Trio (2m3)






Have you ever seen anyone play “air guitar”, posing in the stance of their favorite musician as they imagine their fingers playing at lightning speed with technical precision and great spirit?


The reality of playing an instrument with various challenging techniques and abilities in an incredible solo can truly be obtained through the Freedom 2 Create Program.  This program was developed by consolidating an array of musical concepts and will improve (with hard work of course) any musician’s technical and improvisational skills. One measure at a time, musicians will discover the art of listening and gain satisfaction from practicing and the joy of creating music. This program is offered as a workshop based program with concert options.




Freedom 2 Create is designed for Arts & Music Collectives, Music Camps, as well as High Schools and Colleges With Jazz Programs. This is a workshop focused program with concert options.








# of Artists # of Workshops # of Performance Price ($)
Jo Solo N/A 1 (90 min) Performance/Q+A $600
Jo Duo 2 (45-60min) 1 (90 min) Performance/Q+A $700
Jo Trio 2 (45-60min)

 1 (90 min) Performance/Q+A





* Program Components, lengths, and fees are negotiable to fit the needs of the school group or program. *

Contact Jo Sallins for more in depth information! (413) 262-2950