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Musician - Educator – Clinician - Entertainer

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Educational Programs

Developmentally appropriate,

Pre-school through college level programs:

Music appreciation, percussion, chorus, jazz and string ensembles


Performance Programs

High audience participation activities:

 clinics, concerts, drum circles, parties, workshops, music summer camps

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Jo Sallins Multi – Instrumentalist /Composer/Educator Releases a New CD and DVD 4 Years in the Making!


The CD WAR OR PEACE includes 7 tracks, features some 24 of Jo’s most gifted musical partners, includes musical tributes to Stevie Wonder, Chick Corea, Maurice White, Prince and Animals As Leaders. Jo seamlessly blends together the musical styles of Fusion, Swing and Latin Jazz, Funk, Rap, Spoken Word, Classical Piano, Progressive Rock / Metal and the rhythms of Africa. The original compositions Jo wrote for WAR OR PEACE and the cover songs that he chose were inspired by or related to tragic and hopeful events that occurred before his time, during his lifetime, and for events yet to come. “This CD creates a timeless message of Peace, Love, Loss, Justice and these messages shall remain relevant long after I’m gone.” The DVD 2m3 Live! Showcases Jo playing Bass and Keyboards Simultaneously! 14 Live performances! Featuring 3 different Drummers! 


Click to order WAR OR PEACE and the "Two Man Trio Live" DVD today! 




1. Thou Shalt Not Kill?              19:29

Musicians in order of appearance: Jo Sallins – Acoustic Piano, Synthesizer Solo, Derrik Jordan – Violin, String Section, Abimael Robles – Drums, Alex Moran – Bass, Bob “ Papa C “ Casinghino – Organ, Greg Garstka – Guitar, Dan Hendrix – Trombone, Patrick Lennon – Trumpet, Adam Call – Saxophones, Chuck Langford – Soprano Saxophone, Ahmed Gonzales – Flute, Jo Sallins – Bass Solo, Percussion, “Mr.15” – Rap. 

Written and Arranged by – Jo Sallins

Orchestrated by – Justin Casinghino

Preproduction tracks recorded at FRESH MUSIC by Bob “Papa C” Casinghino

Mixed by Warren Amerman, Bob “Papa C’ Casinhino and Jo Sallins


2. Rebirth                                   8:54

Musicians: Nathan Childers – Saxophones, Joe Whalen – Acoustic Bass, Rick Marshall – Drums

Juan Velasquez (R.I.P.) – Voice, Jo Sallins – Organ, Piano, Synthesizers and Percussion, 

Written, Arranged and Mixed by Jo Sallins

Recorded and Mixed by Mark Thayer at Signature Sounds.

Re-mastered by Warren Amerman at Rotary Records


3. Nocturne in b-flat minor         5:07

Jo Sallins – Acoustic Piano

Written by Chopin

Recorded by Warren Amerman at Rotary Records


4. A World without Angels         7:35

Musicians: Introduction – Giovanni Lodigiani – All Instruments, Billy Powell – Drums, Jo Sallins – Fretless, Bass, Keys.

Introduction written and Arranged by Giovanni Lodigiani.

Written,  Arranged and Mixed by Jo Sallins

Preproduction tracks recorded  by  Bob “Papa C” Casinghino at FRESH MUSIC

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Warren Amerman at Rotary Record


5. Enlightenment                       5:40

Musicians: Tantra Zawadi – Voice, Jo Sallins – Piano

Words written by Tantra Zawadi

Written, Arranged and Mixed by Jo Sallins


6. WAR OR PEACE                  7:15

Musicians: John Cantalini – Guitar, Taariq Woods – Drums, Jo Sallins – All Instruments

Written, Mixed and Arranged by Jo Sallins

Preproduction tracks recorded by Bob ‘Papa C’ Casinghino at FRESH MUSIC


7. Creatures of Logic                 20:01

Musicians: Zack Bevelacqua – Drums, Bob Casinghino – Strings, Chris Eriquezzo – Guitar, “Mr. 15” – Rap, Elisabeth Olivera – Voice Introduction, Isabella Olivera – Screams, Jo Sallins – All Instruments.

Written, Arranged and Mixed by Jo Sallins.

Bob ‘Papa C” Casinghino, wrote, arranged and played the Strings, recorded all 60  preproduction tracks at FRESH MUSIC and advised on the final the Mix of this song.

Zack Bevelacqua recorded his Drums at his studio in Slovenia.






A student said to his Master:

“You teach me fighting, but you talk about Peace.

How do you reconcile the two?”


The Master replied: “ It is better to be a Warrior in a garden than to be a Gardener in a War.”



Production Team


Mark Thayer—Recording, Mixing & Mastering


Bob Casinghino, Fresh Music—Pre-production, Editing, Recording, Mixing, Consulting, Arranging & Performance


Warren Amerman, Rotary Records—Recording, Mixing, Consulting, Mastering, Music & Video         editing


Mark & Mary Knox— Video editing, Mixing, Creating & Consulting


Scot Broderick—Video editing, Mixing, Creating & Consulting


Imari Sallins—Video editing, Mixing, Creating & Consulting


Elisabeth Olivera—Video editing, Mixing, Creating & Assistant


Zack Bevelacqua— Video editing, Creating & Performing


Isabella Olivera—Video Performance


Debra Basili—Website & Video text editing




Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Warren Amerman at Rotary Records.

Produced, Written and Arranged by Jo Sallins

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